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Internship @ Ubeeqo, Barcelona

About Ubeeqo

Ubeeqo is a car sharing service which was founded in France in 2008 and was mainly operating in B2B market and in the beginning, Airbus, L'Oreal and Danone were the initial clients. Later in 2015, it was launched as a Public Car Sharing service. Also, in 2015 it was accquired by EuropeCar and currently it is operating in some of the major cities of Europe like London, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona.

Quick Summary of my work and learnings

I am currently working at Ubeeqo and have completed two months here as a Product Design Intern. Here, my main project is to redesign the entire backoffice software of the company where the backoffice agents mainly controls the information of their users, vehicles and parkings. Apart from the backoffice, I am an active part of the User Tests Schedules for the main web app and the mobile app. And beside that, I am participating in defining the animations and microinteractions for the app and prototyping it to enhance the user experience for the app.

What I have learnt

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is really the most important part of any organization particularly, when people are in the other country who are the users of the project you're working on. Also, when you're a good team of designers and you're working on some common projects, you have to listen to the feedbacks of each other and critisizing the work of each other in a proper manner.

2. Concepts of Atomic Design

Honestly, I was completely unaware of this concept before my interview. In the interview, I got to know that company is using the principles of Atomic Design. I still had two months to join the company and meanwhile I learnt the basics of Atomic Design during that period and got to know about it more during my on-boarding week. So yes, currently reading some books on it and digging deeper into it.

3. User Tests, User Tests, User Tests

I would say, this was the most amazing part of my internship upto now. We recently conducted a 2 days long user test where we invited some people to perform the test on web app and mobile app. And at that time we realised that as a designer we should never assume anything while designing because, some of the decisions they thought were obvious, failed miserably. So, that was one of the keypoints I have kept in mind for my entire career.

4. Communication and Ask

I took part in our scrum meetings actively and was participating in our weekly design meetings with the remote designer. You always need to communicte the taks you have completed in a week and get to know that what others have done. Ask as many questions as you can! You never know what other person has got to tell you.

5. Presenting your ideas and concept to the team

You have to be effective in terms of presenting your ideas to the fellow team members as well as fellow developers because when you're working in a big team and particularly dealing with your developers, you need to present your ideas in the best way and easiest way to make them understand either verbally or with presentations or with some prototype videos. You have to be an effective communicator even when you're attending the meetings or the sprints because when you're giving some feedbacks or suggestions in a meeting or explaining your sketches in a Sprint. It is always an important stuff to be an effective communicator.

I will keep adding all the things I will be learning here for the rest of my time here. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose more about this as I have signed the contract but yes, we can discuss all the things during an interview.